SAP PLATINUM IDES SERVER 256GB RAM, intel xeon (32 core processor), 1TB SSD, BOBJ


SAP PLATINUM IDES SERVER 256GB RAM, intel xeon (32 core processor), 1TB SSD, BOBJ

This is our Platinum Server made for platinum level consultants who wants Future Updatability and premium support. Platinum server was designed for use by a team of professional or consulting firm.  It is capable of simultaneous access for ~20-25 connections to the SAP Database with a response of <50Ms.  This is unbelievably fast and emulates the landscape of a large enterprise server.

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Platinum Server has all the functionality of the Consultant Server along with the following ad dons.

Transportation Management 9.1

  1. GRC 10.1
  2. BPC 10.1
  3. GTS 10.1
  4. BOBj Enterprise 4.1 SP4

All our IDES Servers are created with 1 objective. Provide a fully configured, fully loaded Server that is PLUG-N-PLAY. Our SAP Consultant server 2014, it made ground-up for an SAP consultant and has PROFESSIONAL grade software and hardware.

This Server is built with an SAP consultant in mind and is built around ECC IDES Ehp7 which is the core application. Once ECC is installed and configured, we install the rest of the Business suite Application like CRM SCM and SRM. Then we install the JAVA HUB instance that include all Java application like SRM, BI, PI, ECC JAVA and all other JAVA components.


Intel i7 8Core CPU – Incredibly FAST
960 GB SSD Drive
1TB Backup Drive
Windows 8.1 Professional Licensed.
Premium PowerSupply
Premium Compact Case
VERY Attractive package.
We use The hardware is more that sufficient for a 16Gb Server. We only use SSD, as its incredibly FAST and will help rest of software use other hardware like RAM and CPU in a more efficient way. Windows 8.1 is incredibly stable and with MS-Sql 2012, it provides very fast response on small scale architecture.


  • ECC IDES Ehp7 – 6.07 with all modules in full activated mode. Comes with full IS-Industries loaded and ready out of the BOX. HCM PLM PS QM LO EHS SD PP MM and ALL SAP Core Modules in included and activated.
  • CRM 6.03 EHP3 – Comes with all components of CRM fully loaded and activated.
  • SCM 6.03 EHP3 – Comes with all components fully loaded, SNC, EWM and all other SCM components loaded. LiveCache Database is also fully activated.
  • SRM 6.03 EHP3 fully loaded with Java components installed in JAVA instance.
  • Netweaver PI 7.4 SR1 + AEX + Process Orchestration, fully loaded and PI client with PISuper fully activated
  • BI 7.4 SR1 Patch Level7 with BI content 7.57 fully loaded and BI client activated.


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